Thursday, May 28, 2009

Double D Design Custom Studios-Blog Day 1

May 28,2009

Well, here it is I am on my way going to show the world my work one day at a time! I am nurse turned potter but, was a grahic artist turned nurse! LOL! In the middle I made jewelry and sold it all over Texas and to relax took up pottery!
Tonight, John, , my dear hubby is driving from Abilene, Texas to Grants, New Mexico to get me a L & L kiln...we are going high fire cone 10, baby! After years of earthenware and mid fire we are moving up to high fire.
I will post shots of the studio as we clean and set it up with the new kiln ( which makes the total now 4) and we are looking for another wheel to add to the two we have.
I loved mud as a kid and still do and so does the 9 year old Devin, I will post shots of him throwing...he makes nice bowls. Check out the store. Drop a line and stop by again.