Sunday, January 24, 2010

A late New Year

My blog has been just sitting here going stale! What have I been doing? School, trying to finish that BFA I wanted to get and be a Mom, wife, Daughter and run a a artist. I had a chance to do some watercolors for ASU musical and jumped on it for the experience and the fact that I found I love watercolor BUT finding time. During the holiday break we lost my dear loving Mother in law. What to do without her? She is the rock in the family for so many and I know the heart for my husband for it has been hard on him and making it hard on the rest of our family......I hope it can calm down or Lord, help us. My Grandmother fell and broke her hip, elbow and shoulder and had surgery but, never recovered. All just prior to Christmas Day. Christmas was bleak but atleast my oldest was with me, he is a big part of my heart. A friend of the family died the day after Christmas to make matters worse. My Mom is sick and I now have to be a nurse again a help over see her care. Due to her prior illness it is making what is wrong more difficult. It will all work out. I have found time to make jewelry again, paint and start up my wheel and play in the mud!
Life can throw us some real pot holes now and then and we have to slow down and keep going.
So, take time do the things that keep you sane and slow down it will get better....that is my advice.....LOVE, HUGS, and KISSES! Michelle