Thursday, July 15, 2010

New Hit!!!

After one week of us knowing that pepper has been down, not feeling well, after the splint change...I called the vet and told the what was up. They told me to bring him in. I told them he has been down, does not use the left leg, hardly eats, and will just stay in one spot if you are there all day. They checked him out...temp. - okay, no smells, splints - okay...lets x-ray, bad news...plate and half of the pins are pulled out and vet does not think surgeon can repair. A call is been made and we are waiting to hear. We will take precautions like he will have surgery in am but we will not know one way or another until the morning. If it can not be repaired, it can not be removed due to the other leg can not hold him due to its injuries. He will have to be put down....this has been a hard hit. After all our family was attacked....and now after all we have done we might lose him.
Thank you for all your support, Michelle

1 comment:

  1. Oh no, that's such bad news!!

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you, take care and stay strong.

    Judy x