Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Pepper Update

So sorry for those that follow Pepper's care...he has been on a up and down battle or at least we have!!! He is happy as long as his belly gets rubbed! He breaks the splints so often that now we replace them every 10 days instead of 14 but he still breaks them. We may need to push to 7 but, our wallet say NO! But, his health has been the #1 factor so, we do what we have to! He now has a new style it is the indoor doggie do! He got to be a mess and since he will be a indoor dog from now on....photos will be posted.. and tail was left intact. He is gaining weight even though we watch his food intake...though the boys have been sliding fries off their plates. His neck is as large as his shoulders and his growing. He is near 30 lbs but should be 20, this will not be good for his legs but, since he is down and hardly eats...I guess what he does eat just goes straight to the neck, belly and thighs!!! I know how that feels!
This weekend I wanted some homemade peanut brittle and made it...it is so good and I do not need it but I had to have it for a sweet tooth! No, Pepper did not get any! I promise to do better here and on face book but the esty link is up to date http://www.etsy.com/forums_thread.php?page=13&thread_id=6558905

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