Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Called vet at 8 am, Pepper went in at 8 am was suppose to come home but they never called, was asked what was up staff just said he pooped and peed and they would have vet call when he got in. Hour and half later he called, they got busy and the whole ordeal took longer than expected and they had to sedate him, first they just tried a shot and that wasn't
enough so it was late after they were done do he stayed...yes I was like a call would of been nice, he had a raw spot at the top of the splint so they cut down the height, he doesn't need it to be that tall on that leg. He now hates riding in the car, we noticed that today...wonder why? I really dislike what those people did and there have been no tips...I guess as far as the system goes they may get away...While my dog suffers and we are suffering money wise like you don't know. We got the bill today and my folks helped pay it but I wanted to cry my dad works so hard in his shop ...6 days a week in the heat or cold 12-14 hour days...we were already behind due to my husbands surgery now this made it worse...STOP, just listen don't think I am asking for anything, I just need to get this off my chest..all day I have had to hear about the bill collectors calling my folks...I have talked with them and made partial payments but they still call. I just can't help but ask why did we keep getting kicked while we are down? I know we are not the only ones. I just feel defeated....

Sorry..got off topic..he can stand to potty but we need to carry out, we need to kennel him in the house vet afraid he wants to go and afriad he will hurt something. Dog wants to move, he said we can confine in a small room and let him move around just no other dogs, running, jumping, and I had to buy puppy food and put him on that, vet said formula better for bones. Still on pain meds, antiinflamatory meds and antibiotics....and in week another sedation and bandage/splint change....I will take photos to post in am. Bad, bad day...I can't stand this crap!


  1. Wound up here from KittyD's FB page. I am very sorry to hear about Pepper and can't believe how truly evil some people are. It sure does seem like some people just keep getting kicked when they're down. Hang in there. You and all of yours will be in my prayers.

  2. So sorry to hear you're feeling so bad, it all sounds like a real uphill struggle and I just want to say our thoughts are with you all.

    And we've been there too with the bill collectors, a few years ago now; some of them can be unbelievably unsympathetic and "job's worth", it's amazing they can sleep at night! We found a lot of really useful advice in online forums on how to deal with them, I know it'll be different where you are but certainly worth a try.

    Take care and stay strong.

    Linden x