Sunday, June 27, 2010

Peppers First Trip to PetSmart SInce Accident

Okay, your asking yourself ...why? My hubby has been working to to get the money we need to pay his bill so, he has been on the ambulance every minute he is off from the Abilene Fir Dept. but,
yesterday he had 10 lovely hours off. Did he want to spend with us? NO, he went and spent some time at my Dads shop, important person he is going to loan some money to help pay this bill but we must pay back, bad thing is I hear it is my Mom s new kitchen sink fund! I know Pepper is more important even to her but it doesn't make it easy on me and the fact that the thugs that did this are still free. Anyway, the vet call and said Pepper could come home Because Sunday he did not have a full staff and he must remain of his feet and we are home and with me being a nurse he felt we could take care of out little buddy. We got him BUT he went into hubby's arms, I drove home but told hubby I had to go to PetSmart to get Pepper a Belly Band, I needed some dog food, some wet for Pepper, some pink turtle food (people tell me turtles are color blind then it must be the sent but he likes the pink one only sold at P/S) and I needed new chew toys, tug toys, milk bones...staple treats... for the all the fur babies and one shell baby. Hubby still carrying Pepper so many knew who he was, they took photos, cried, coo'd, or was just down right mad at what happened to our baby boy ( the only boy dog in the pack-and I am the only girl in our pack...LOL!) He was nervous with men but not so much with the women but alittle due to them being strangers. He was treated like a little king. Tomorrow he goes back to the vet for bandage and splint changes.
He slept with me but when hubby came home at 5 am for a hour and half nap being at the foot of the bed was not enough he worked his way out of his belly band and up into my hubby's arm up under his arm pit.
This is the mean doggie that someone threw from a truck! I hope they don't tell what they did to the wrong person they might find themselves in a bad situation...some of the people we have met or have contacted me have some strong feelings about this.....I just can't get that way. I don't think it would be good for my house hold but I feel so cared for. Thank you fro caring....... Michelle and Pepper


  1. Hugs to you all Michelle. Hang in there it will get better

  2. Great to know Pepper's home and the centre of attention at PetSmart, bless him! It's sad that he's nervous of people but I guess it's inevitable after what was done to him; I'm sure he'll come round in time, when he's fully recovered physically.

    I so hope they catch those unspeakable "people". Sooner or later one of them will let something slip, hopefully sooner.

    Our cat does armpit snuggles, too, it's soooo cute!

    Take care and hang in there.

    Linden x