Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Pepper Update

So sorry for those that follow Pepper's care...he has been on a up and down battle or at least we have!!! He is happy as long as his belly gets rubbed! He breaks the splints so often that now we replace them every 10 days instead of 14 but he still breaks them. We may need to push to 7 but, our wallet say NO! But, his health has been the #1 factor so, we do what we have to! He now has a new style it is the indoor doggie do! He got to be a mess and since he will be a indoor dog from now on....photos will be posted.. and tail was left intact. He is gaining weight even though we watch his food intake...though the boys have been sliding fries off their plates. His neck is as large as his shoulders and his growing. He is near 30 lbs but should be 20, this will not be good for his legs but, since he is down and hardly eats...I guess what he does eat just goes straight to the neck, belly and thighs!!! I know how that feels!
This weekend I wanted some homemade peanut brittle and made it...it is so good and I do not need it but I had to have it for a sweet tooth! No, Pepper did not get any! I promise to do better here and on face book but the esty link is up to date http://www.etsy.com/forums_thread.php?page=13&thread_id=6558905

pop back and read some!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Surgeons report

Next Friday the surgeon will do a last effort surgery to repair the leg...the damage was so bad in the first place and his leg is so small and now three pins are pulled out and he has a fracture that runs lacteral down the leg....they will try to wire the plate in place, he will have to be down immoblized ...right!!! They don't know this dog! He understood that some dogs just can not be kept down and stated that smaller breeds are the worst. If this does not work they will do one surgery to remove all metal work and let it heal as it will and we will get a custom made doggie wheelchair. He is too lively to be put down. Removing that leg is not a option and the other one will never be able to hold him even with the wrist fused. If he wasn't so loving and happy maybe putting him down would be a option but it is not. Again, Thank you for the support. Michelle

Thursday, July 15, 2010

New Hit!!!

After one week of us knowing that pepper has been down, not feeling well, after the splint change...I called the vet and told the what was up. They told me to bring him in. I told them he has been down, does not use the left leg, hardly eats, and will just stay in one spot if you are there all day. They checked him out...temp. - okay, no smells, splints - okay...lets x-ray, bad news...plate and half of the pins are pulled out and vet does not think surgeon can repair. A call is been made and we are waiting to hear. We will take precautions like he will have surgery in am but we will not know one way or another until the morning. If it can not be repaired, it can not be removed due to the other leg can not hold him due to its injuries. He will have to be put down....this has been a hard hit. After all our family was attacked....and now after all we have done we might lose him.
Thank you for all your support, Michelle

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Thank you and new update!

Thank you for all the support, it has been great during this hectic time! One thing is it is hard to keep this dog down...he broke a splint and had to go back to vet and be sedated and re-splinted. He has been on additional meds to keep his pain level down for his is really in pain on the left side, the one he broke the splint on. Of coarse I got a lecture on how we have to keep him down and I told them it is hard he will not stay down nor in a cage. In the kennel he goes crazy, but there in the kennel they said he is sweet and quiet....then a tech came up to the front and said ...OH! you are here that may be why he is crazied...he is hitting his splints on the walls and his head and shoulders whinning and howeling..no one said anything else to me! They now saw it, he wants to be right in the middle of the family at all times! He drooled for nearly 24 hours after the sedation I think it did not wear off so fast. His eyes were wide and he just laid and we had to hold him up to potty...12 more weeks of this!!!!! Lord help me!

Monday, July 5, 2010

How this has effected everything!

This accident or act of violence on our dog/family member ahd just really effected all...I have screwed up where it cost me money...I had some sales and was giving a costumer her discount and them shipped the items later I noticed I refunded the full amount! That is was I get for being tired and over worked and doing business, well, I explained to the person and they said they understood with all I had going on and would pay and NOTHING...this is not a time for us to be able to soak this up. What have I done to get this karma. I have a husband working 60 out of 72 hours to get us out of dept and we are all effected...my kids are disappointed no holidays this summer or even a trip to the local movie theater but we are thankful to have Pepper. It would be nice if we could have the people who did this, I feel tired and bad about the whole situation but then I go off and do something that dumb and I am lucky enough to get a dishonest person. I am thankful for a the family and friends that have been here for support and a few kind words. When I have felt like giving up you guys have been here...Thank you.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Called vet at 8 am, Pepper went in at 8 am was suppose to come home but they never called, was asked what was up staff just said he pooped and peed and they would have vet call when he got in. Hour and half later he called, they got busy and the whole ordeal took longer than expected and they had to sedate him, first they just tried a shot and that wasn't
enough so it was late after they were done do he stayed...yes I was like a call would of been nice, he had a raw spot at the top of the splint so they cut down the height, he doesn't need it to be that tall on that leg. He now hates riding in the car, we noticed that today...wonder why? I really dislike what those people did and there have been no tips...I guess as far as the system goes they may get away...While my dog suffers and we are suffering money wise like you don't know. We got the bill today and my folks helped pay it but I wanted to cry my dad works so hard in his shop ...6 days a week in the heat or cold 12-14 hour days...we were already behind due to my husbands surgery now this made it worse...STOP, just listen don't think I am asking for anything, I just need to get this off my chest..all day I have had to hear about the bill collectors calling my folks...I have talked with them and made partial payments but they still call. I just can't help but ask why did we keep getting kicked while we are down? I know we are not the only ones. I just feel defeated....

Sorry..got off topic..he can stand to potty but we need to carry out, we need to kennel him in the house vet afraid he wants to go and afriad he will hurt something. Dog wants to move, he said we can confine in a small room and let him move around just no other dogs, running, jumping, and I had to buy puppy food and put him on that, vet said formula better for bones. Still on pain meds, antiinflamatory meds and antibiotics....and in week another sedation and bandage/splint change....I will take photos to post in am. Bad, bad day...I can't stand this crap!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Peppers First Trip to PetSmart SInce Accident

Okay, your asking yourself ...why? My hubby has been working to to get the money we need to pay his bill so, he has been on the ambulance every minute he is off from the Abilene Fir Dept. but,
yesterday he had 10 lovely hours off. Did he want to spend with us? NO, he went and spent some time at my Dads shop, important person he is going to loan some money to help pay this bill but we must pay back, bad thing is I hear it is my Mom s new kitchen sink fund! I know Pepper is more important even to her but it doesn't make it easy on me and the fact that the thugs that did this are still free. Anyway, the vet call and said Pepper could come home Because Sunday he did not have a full staff and he must remain of his feet and we are home and with me being a nurse he felt we could take care of out little buddy. We got him BUT he went into hubby's arms, I drove home but told hubby I had to go to PetSmart to get Pepper a Belly Band, I needed some dog food, some wet for Pepper, some pink turtle food (people tell me turtles are color blind then it must be the sent but he likes the pink one only sold at P/S) and I needed new chew toys, tug toys, milk bones...staple treats... for the all the fur babies and one shell baby. Hubby still carrying Pepper so many knew who he was, they took photos, cried, coo'd, or was just down right mad at what happened to our baby boy ( the only boy dog in the pack-and I am the only girl in our pack...LOL!) He was nervous with men but not so much with the women but alittle due to them being strangers. He was treated like a little king. Tomorrow he goes back to the vet for bandage and splint changes.
He slept with me but when hubby came home at 5 am for a hour and half nap being at the foot of the bed was not enough he worked his way out of his belly band and up into my hubby's arm up under his arm pit.
This is the mean doggie that someone threw from a truck! I hope they don't tell what they did to the wrong person they might find themselves in a bad situation...some of the people we have met or have contacted me have some strong feelings about this.....I just can't get that way. I don't think it would be good for my house hold but I feel so cared for. Thank you fro caring....... Michelle and Pepper

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Pepper- Accident

Okay, I am learning alot about myself from this accident and that I am a strong woman....the other day I acted out and posted a stupid post here I took my anger out like a child when the forum was closed on etsy so I could not "talk" with my life line. They did follow the rules and yes there are other rules everyday we see that other break, they don't catch, I turn the other cheek because I know I always get caught and never get away with nothing----I don't try either, it was by accident and I am not a forum junkie but, it was were I turned during this time and I am thankful it was there for me!
BUT, on the other hand I have had some stupid people to deal with....I had a customer buy A strand of beads, I emailed her I was a few days long at mailing them (should of mailed on Monday but mailed Friday)I know It is sob awful of of me, I sent a email, said it was mailed, why and I am sorry. She sends one back with caps and tons of explanations points that she need to make 12 necklaces ( out of one strand of beads) and was just not nice and after mine she sent another say she has as business and business is business she knew she sounded rude...all I could say was yes you were but I sincerely hope you never walk a mile in my shoes.
Am I wrong...maybe. Anything other than is attitude I would of refunded her some of half her money back. Why have I had some people just act like this is nothing ..like go on it is just a dog and a few people just said why make a fuss it is a animal it does nothing for us. These are the people that are only a bit better that the ones that did this to my dog.

I will apologize now for my rant...just in-case I hurt anyones feelings. I just wanted to blow off steam.

Now, Pepper is home, total bed rest, Monday he will return for new splints, check up and clean bandages and US? The bill, the vet was going to work on it this weekend.
I will take photos and post.
Just to recap...he had a two hour surgery that placed a plate and 7 screw in one leg and the day prior he had a procedure to reduce the wrist and yesterday it still looked good when they re- x rayed it.
Thanks for your support. Michelle

Thursday, June 24, 2010

etsy and stupidity

Okay, so they closed the thread so I will turn here. due to

HeyMichelle says:
I'm so sorry to hear about what happened. I hope that your dog will be ok...

We can't solicit donations in the forums though, so I am going to close this thread. Thank you...
I never asked anyone for anything except friendship or a shoulder I guess this was seen as too much. I asked for help in getting the person/persons that did this. I believe you followed a flag or skimmed this thread and did not read it because somedays it was a life line for me to my sanity.
I found a support group and you found a silly thing to shut it down.
Everyday people on etsy do thing that don't follow the rules and I never say a thing...I am trying to keep the rage from building after stupid people attacked a helpless animal who is a member of my family and you shut down my life line because you think I am soliciting.
People sell items they did not make, soapers selling potters mugs and soap dishes, others selling flip flops from the market but you turn the other cheek...why maybe because you get a piece of that pie. I asked for nothing but friendship and ideas and someone to listen.
Who are you?
I have asked why did this happen to us and today I was told by a complete stranger.......
it is because I am strong enough to get up everyday and fight for my family with nothing I am going after these sick individuals to stop them from doing it again! I did not and will not just lay down. AND you will not put up a stupid speed bump because that is what you did....you let people talk in the etsy forums about sex, drinking, and other non professional items yet my thread is shut down and you paste do's and don'ts and a I'm sorry....You did not read it or you would of read what it meant....he is not just a DOG, he is a family member would it of made a differance if it was my son and then you would still cut me off from the people that care?
You read your own rules! Throw me from a speeding truck why don't you.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Interview on 10 O'clock New About Pepper

Here is the link...please I know I looked awful sounded bad with the tears and snot, my son was mad, my Husband just talked with the vet and was getting over a cold sweat! Pepper looked good and you can see some of my other babies, the large blue merle is Abbie is our australian shepard and the red tri is a mini aussie, Ginger and the white dog is the new member a american eskimo spitz, Roxie

etsy link

Here is more info and a long post on Pepper
from etsy!


Additional photos seen on facebook




I am now going to post here instead of in the esty etc forums. Even if this just becomes nothing more than a journal for me atleast I can express myself and not just sit and cry, my eyes are painful and swollen. Right now I can take crap from someone that, to me, sounds like it comes from a self centered person that has never had the love of a animal.Animals give love and nevr ever ask for anything in return. I am trying to take care of my family and him, some of my families items like dinner at a decent time or that my kids clean clothes are still in the laundry baskets on the love set...we have a show coming up on the 4th of July weekend...I need to finish up my pottery that is on the drying racks!!!! And jewelry I need to make! Stuff I need to pack, will he be able to travel, if not who will watch him? I had three deaths in my family last December, the only family left and here is my MOM and Dad and they will be come too and they have 4 cats.
Its after 10am I have not heard from my husband so I do not know if any or how any interviews went yet.
The local cruelty officers are trying to help but it is paperwork and statements...not complaining. I am doing it.
Pepper is in got spirits and wants to be loved, really wags his tag when we come to in to the room to take turns taking care of him. He ate a full meal last night...first one since be fore accident.
No b/m yet but I am waiting bought baby wipes and more puppy pads and will go and get a male pee wrap thing from Petsmart http://www.petsmart.com/product/index.jsp?productId=3830111 would rather buy handmade but time line here is short I hope it will not be held against me...I think this will be better for him. Thank you to DoodyPops who gave me the idea...so many etsy folks have helped with great ideas in his care!
Love to you all I will post more Later...Michelle and Pepper

Sunday, January 24, 2010

A late New Year

My blog has been just sitting here going stale! What have I been doing? School, trying to finish that BFA I wanted to get and be a Mom, wife, Daughter and run a business...plus a artist. I had a chance to do some watercolors for ASU musical and jumped on it for the experience and the fact that I found I love watercolor BUT finding time. During the holiday break we lost my dear loving Mother in law. What to do without her? She is the rock in the family for so many and I know the heart for my husband for it has been hard on him and making it hard on the rest of our family......I hope it can calm down or Lord, help us. My Grandmother fell and broke her hip, elbow and shoulder and had surgery but, never recovered. All just prior to Christmas Day. Christmas was bleak but atleast my oldest was with me, he is a big part of my heart. A friend of the family died the day after Christmas to make matters worse. My Mom is sick and I now have to be a nurse again a help over see her care. Due to her prior illness it is making what is wrong more difficult. It will all work out. I have found time to make jewelry again, paint and start up my wheel and play in the mud!
Life can throw us some real pot holes now and then and we have to slow down and keep going.
So, take time do the things that keep you sane and slow down it will get better....that is my advice.....LOVE, HUGS, and KISSES! Michelle