Sunday, July 18, 2010

Surgeons report

Next Friday the surgeon will do a last effort surgery to repair the leg...the damage was so bad in the first place and his leg is so small and now three pins are pulled out and he has a fracture that runs lacteral down the leg....they will try to wire the plate in place, he will have to be down immoblized ...right!!! They don't know this dog! He understood that some dogs just can not be kept down and stated that smaller breeds are the worst. If this does not work they will do one surgery to remove all metal work and let it heal as it will and we will get a custom made doggie wheelchair. He is too lively to be put down. Removing that leg is not a option and the other one will never be able to hold him even with the wrist fused. If he wasn't so loving and happy maybe putting him down would be a option but it is not. Again, Thank you for the support. Michelle

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  1. Thinking about you and wishing a 100% successful surgery for Pepper tomorrow. And after the surgery, success in keeping him as immobilised as he needs to be, bless him!

    Judy x

    P.s. Will be doing my blog post about the gorgeous beads I bought from you this coming weekend (it's been one of those "fly past" weeks...)