Tuesday, June 16, 2009


LORD! Have you spent a little over two hours hanging out at the DPS ? Well, I did today with my oldest to get his drivers permit and yes he did pass and get it so, WATCH OUT! Another teen out and about on the streets this summer! But, I met a few ladies there...funny how you can meet people at the strangest places! On lady was older and nice, she lost her husband in November, you could tell she was lonely and another was there for three hours yesterday but had to leave to go to work before they called her number...and she came back! The lady we first came to was in need of more coffee to say the least but the ones in the back were real nice but I was glad to get out of there...then it was time to get the youngest from summer school to go to pottery and get the oldest new drum heads....needless to say I would love a nap but I just a few minutes prior to having to get up and get dinner going. You know I did have planned to get in my studio today! WHAT ABOUT ME!!!?????!!!! Love, hugs and kisses

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