Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Man! Last night I decided during the rain storm we had since it was cool to go out and clean the pottery studio.....and part of that was griding! I had a glaze chemistry class and Apadaca let me do low fire glazes with mason stains, MAN, they ran!!! He said sometimes mason stains can do that,HELLO, would of loved to know that!!! I had three shelves and tons of stilts and stuff with it all over!!! And today my eyes are swollen and my sinuses are clogged! Did I wear protective gear? Well, no...I know, I have it and should but I wasn't gonna do it....but then I did! Crap, lesson learned! Don't we all learn our lesson the hard way? Whats worse is watching our kids do it. I have never had glazes run until then...gotta' A in the class but I will use stains for slips trails only or to color grout from now on! Love, hugs and kisses!

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