Sunday, June 7, 2009

Ready for Monday

Okay, I finished folding and washing a ton of laundry but most of all I recycled a ton of clay. Wedge it all and bagged it and worked in the studio all weekend. Both blue diamonds are loaded to fire a bisque and I have my table full of items drying. Hubby got me 5 new shelves from my Dads shop to go in the studio/garage to use as drying areas but he is going to get all his tools out the band and table saws ( he doesn't use but once in awhile) in a two car garage we have a air conditioner, a northstar slab rollar, northstar extruder on the wall in between the doors that I have to move stuff around to get to (most of the time) and two wheels and three kilns (two large blue diamonds and a huge high fire L&L) and my ergo potters chair that is new and I hate...feels like a bad thong up my rear. I sit on a old bucket half the time (LOL, isn't that the way it goes) I have tons of press molds, humps and stuff...I love to hand build and glazes out the behind, I want to get another wheel but right now it is space. I love earthenware foe color range but want to do highfire too. So, my idea to stay productive is to make half of studio where one wheel is the low fire area and the visa versa with other and in middle a trim station with my giffin grip. May work, may not. I have to work on space and getting another wheel. I want a Brent cxc but I have a pacifica GT800 and Hubby wants them to be the same to have one spare set of belts handy.
I only got it because it was a great and with the chair and warranty and with all paperwork valued at 1200.00 for 450.00, now, who would turn that down? Not I.
How many others potters have to clean up and get everything just so to start work like me? Or am I just OCD? But, I found I and so much more productive and it is the summer show season.
Let me get it at least not so laughable and I will show you my, hugs and kisses

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