Thursday, June 24, 2010

etsy and stupidity

Okay, so they closed the thread so I will turn here. due to

HeyMichelle says:
I'm so sorry to hear about what happened. I hope that your dog will be ok...

We can't solicit donations in the forums though, so I am going to close this thread. Thank you...
I never asked anyone for anything except friendship or a shoulder I guess this was seen as too much. I asked for help in getting the person/persons that did this. I believe you followed a flag or skimmed this thread and did not read it because somedays it was a life line for me to my sanity.
I found a support group and you found a silly thing to shut it down.
Everyday people on etsy do thing that don't follow the rules and I never say a thing...I am trying to keep the rage from building after stupid people attacked a helpless animal who is a member of my family and you shut down my life line because you think I am soliciting.
People sell items they did not make, soapers selling potters mugs and soap dishes, others selling flip flops from the market but you turn the other cheek...why maybe because you get a piece of that pie. I asked for nothing but friendship and ideas and someone to listen.
Who are you?
I have asked why did this happen to us and today I was told by a complete stranger.......
it is because I am strong enough to get up everyday and fight for my family with nothing I am going after these sick individuals to stop them from doing it again! I did not and will not just lay down. AND you will not put up a stupid speed bump because that is what you let people talk in the etsy forums about sex, drinking, and other non professional items yet my thread is shut down and you paste do's and don'ts and a I'm sorry....You did not read it or you would of read what it meant....he is not just a DOG, he is a family member would it of made a differance if it was my son and then you would still cut me off from the people that care?
You read your own rules! Throw me from a speeding truck why don't you.


  1. Unbelievable, my "injustice-ometer" has just maxed out!!! There is no way on earth she should have closed your thread down, that is just wrong on every level. (For what it's worth, I've emailed Etsy "Support" and let them know what I think but I'm not holding my breath for a response.....)

    I'm going to send you an Etsy convo also and will later on today be linking to your sale in my blog, you never know, it might bring something.

    Hang in there, you are strong and you can fight this!


    Linden x

  2. I did likewise. I emailed to 'Support' under sub-category of 'Do's and Don't's', telling them the thread closure was entirely inappropriate, it should be re-opened, and that they owe an apology to the originator. I pointed out there was no donation solicitation, and told them I hope that they will exercise better discretion in the future.

    I doubt it will do any good, but maybe it will get at least get them to start reading the bleeping threads before closing them...

  3. This is SO unfair!!!! I went to the forum to check on any news on Pepper and saw admins had closed it!!! GRRRRRRR !!!!! As you have said, there are tons and tons of sellers breaking the rules and you have to pay for it? As Judy said above, my "injustice-ometer" has reached the top too.

    I posted about you and Pepper on my blog - I hope it brings some help, since Etsy is clearly not helping at all!

  4. I convo'd too- there is a thread on the forums for a (left blank)fundraiser of all stupid things!