Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I am now going to post here instead of in the esty etc forums. Even if this just becomes nothing more than a journal for me atleast I can express myself and not just sit and cry, my eyes are painful and swollen. Right now I can take crap from someone that, to me, sounds like it comes from a self centered person that has never had the love of a animal.Animals give love and nevr ever ask for anything in return. I am trying to take care of my family and him, some of my families items like dinner at a decent time or that my kids clean clothes are still in the laundry baskets on the love set...we have a show coming up on the 4th of July weekend...I need to finish up my pottery that is on the drying racks!!!! And jewelry I need to make! Stuff I need to pack, will he be able to travel, if not who will watch him? I had three deaths in my family last December, the only family left and here is my MOM and Dad and they will be come too and they have 4 cats.
Its after 10am I have not heard from my husband so I do not know if any or how any interviews went yet.
The local cruelty officers are trying to help but it is paperwork and statements...not complaining. I am doing it.
Pepper is in got spirits and wants to be loved, really wags his tag when we come to in to the room to take turns taking care of him. He ate a full meal last night...first one since be fore accident.
No b/m yet but I am waiting bought baby wipes and more puppy pads and will go and get a male pee wrap thing from Petsmart http://www.petsmart.com/product/index.jsp?productId=3830111 would rather buy handmade but time line here is short I hope it will not be held against me...I think this will be better for him. Thank you to DoodyPops who gave me the idea...so many etsy folks have helped with great ideas in his care!
Love to you all I will post more Later...Michelle and Pepper

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  1. Following you here now to keep up with Pepper. I am so so so sorry for you and Pepper. It must be horrible.


    I hope you don't mind, but I posted on my blog and twitter your story and your sale at Etsy. I hope my contacts will help you make some money. If I lived close to you I would help you in an instant.