Saturday, January 15, 2011



Most people know that I went back to school after years of nursing! Since the Fall of 2008 I have been driving to Angelo State University to up my education in pottery-mainly high fire reduction and jewelry (lost wax casting). Well, the end is near! Classes were finished last semester and this semester I just have to do a student show...NO BIGGIE!
What does this have to do with my studio you ask? After classes were finished it was time for the holidays and the house had to be cleaned and of coarse the studio was ignored for the time being and it went to hell in a hand basket and QUICK! So here are photos of it! YUCK!!!
I am cleaning it up and posting goodies, things I will not do, or try, want to do, tired or moving around or tried and don't want to do. Like what? Solder memory pendants. Blag! Not my thing, a 65 dollar iron and the copper tape and all the extras (some a friend gave me after she stopped doing lead stained glass but most I bought) and now it is all in a box and going to be sold on etsy.
And a beads, broken jewelry, ceramic pendants...I am going to make my creative life easier and more organized.
I have always been able to pick up a hobby/art and be able to do it well but I have so many things I do or can do but I can not spread myself out like this so, I will sell off the supplies and stick to what I love and just get better at that...pottery and jewelry making!
I feel empowered and will use this blog to start off my new we will look at my pottery studio and the new purchases. Cheers!

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  1. I too have many creative interests and share your challenge of keeping an orderly space!