Friday, January 14, 2011

January 2011 Pepper

Sorry it has been awhile. One of my New Years resolutions is to work my blog! Today Pepper went to the Vet, the surgeon was in town also. The xrays show healing is now, finally taking place. On his right leg, where the ligaments were torn and the wrist was broke his leg sways back. This is permanent damage and it was causing stress to the other leg and it was not healing. This was a set back, a brace was bought and we used it and have seen a fact, several. He has went one full month without breaking the right splints and healing is finally progressing. He does not like the brace and he chewed it and found ways to pull it off. It has velcro on it and if he gets on something like the couch and the velcro attaches he can pull it off. I will sometimes lightly coban the brace to cover the velcro. He is a turd and can be sneaky so, if he leaves the family room we know he is going to take off the brace. His weight is still a issue, it has yo-yo'd and funny, it seems to yo-yo with my husband's work schedule! June 18, 2010 was when this happened and the reward was over 1000.00 dollars and now it has been put to rest. I am sad to say people have been in a up roar and wished us well and know us and Pepper by sight BUT, no leads on who did this! Animal crimes are on the rise everywhere and we need to make people accountable....Please read this story....

Pepper is alive but handicapped, he is a indoor dog only, now hates men...all men! Except the family like my husband and sons but, my Dad is one he dislikes now and my Uncle,who, both love animals. He is scarred emotionally, he hates thunderstorms, laundry, the vacuum cleaner...if these items come out he runs and hides. And lets take about cats, for some reason now he runs.
He has changed in some ways but his love for us and strong will to live is still in tact.
Here is a new photo posted of him and a old one of him prior to the accident. We keep his hair short to be able to get rag baths due to being in splints 24/7....he not as pretty anymore but his eyes are full of love. I will start keeping this blog up to date on Pepper's recovery for I am done with school and now he and I are in the studio daily.
Michelle and Pepper

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