Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Pottery studio...Pugmill and New/Used Wheel

Well, I have not cleaned the inside studio out yet but I have to get in there and get it done! By golly I have orders! BUT, I also have to get back in the pottery studio and it was clean until my Dear Sweet Husband drove from Texas to Arizona for some great deals! He bought me a barely use clay boss to add to my Pacifica GT800 (which I love) I did want to add a Brent CXC to the mix but we found this clay boss like new for 500.00 with bats and glazes and it is the 1 horse power. I now have another to be lazy and go from high fire to low fire without just micro cleaning the wheel down and my son Devin (age11) can now throw opposite me. He has been working clay since he just turned 6, in fact he has been doing it longer than me.
He went with mt Husband, John, on this mission to get a pug mill, I found a nice lady that goes to auctions and buys then out. SHe bought a couple of pug mills but did not know what they were, she called it a clay kneader. But, what I called her about was she had wheels for sale for 100.00 dollars each and of coarse they were gone! But, she told me she had a BLUE BIRD deairing 800 clay kneader and would sell it for 300.oo dollars and she claimed it worked, well, we decided if it did not we wanted it. John and Devin loaded the car with movies and the dvd player and left on a Sunday morning to make their rounds. They came back on Monday by 2pm, Devin skipped school (he makes straight A's) and went right to bed and John and my oldest Dylan unloaded the car and we played and touched our new toys. I have been dreaming of a pugmill but I must admit I might not be ready for such a big one. I really would like to have two bluebird 400s or two shimpos that size..to run low and high fire clay. Time will tell maybe this will be easy to clean once I take it apart for it first cleaning. But right now its LUCKY, LUCKY me!

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