Sunday, July 11, 2010

Thank you and new update!

Thank you for all the support, it has been great during this hectic time! One thing is it is hard to keep this dog down...he broke a splint and had to go back to vet and be sedated and re-splinted. He has been on additional meds to keep his pain level down for his is really in pain on the left side, the one he broke the splint on. Of coarse I got a lecture on how we have to keep him down and I told them it is hard he will not stay down nor in a cage. In the kennel he goes crazy, but there in the kennel they said he is sweet and quiet....then a tech came up to the front and said ...OH! you are here that may be why he is crazied...he is hitting his splints on the walls and his head and shoulders whinning and one said anything else to me! They now saw it, he wants to be right in the middle of the family at all times! He drooled for nearly 24 hours after the sedation I think it did not wear off so fast. His eyes were wide and he just laid and we had to hold him up to potty...12 more weeks of this!!!!! Lord help me!


  1. Sorry oldest son Dylan, sleeping with Pepper, Peppers favorite toy..ducky we use to support splints when he is on his side.

  2. They look so sweet curled up together! It's very hard to keep them down when they don't want to be but I'm sure being with the family all the time will help Pepper heal. You can really see that fighting spirit shining out of his eyes.

    Let's hope he learns to love those splints soon, bless him!

    Judy x