Saturday, June 26, 2010

Pepper- Accident

Okay, I am learning alot about myself from this accident and that I am a strong woman....the other day I acted out and posted a stupid post here I took my anger out like a child when the forum was closed on etsy so I could not "talk" with my life line. They did follow the rules and yes there are other rules everyday we see that other break, they don't catch, I turn the other cheek because I know I always get caught and never get away with nothing----I don't try either, it was by accident and I am not a forum junkie but, it was were I turned during this time and I am thankful it was there for me!
BUT, on the other hand I have had some stupid people to deal with....I had a customer buy A strand of beads, I emailed her I was a few days long at mailing them (should of mailed on Monday but mailed Friday)I know It is sob awful of of me, I sent a email, said it was mailed, why and I am sorry. She sends one back with caps and tons of explanations points that she need to make 12 necklaces ( out of one strand of beads) and was just not nice and after mine she sent another say she has as business and business is business she knew she sounded rude...all I could say was yes you were but I sincerely hope you never walk a mile in my shoes.
Am I wrong...maybe. Anything other than is attitude I would of refunded her some of half her money back. Why have I had some people just act like this is nothing go on it is just a dog and a few people just said why make a fuss it is a animal it does nothing for us. These are the people that are only a bit better that the ones that did this to my dog.

I will apologize now for my rant...just in-case I hurt anyones feelings. I just wanted to blow off steam.

Now, Pepper is home, total bed rest, Monday he will return for new splints, check up and clean bandages and US? The bill, the vet was going to work on it this weekend.
I will take photos and post.
Just to recap...he had a two hour surgery that placed a plate and 7 screw in one leg and the day prior he had a procedure to reduce the wrist and yesterday it still looked good when they re- x rayed it.
Thanks for your support. Michelle


  1. Wow. I just found and read your Etsy thread about Pepper.
    I don't understand how someone can be so heartless and needlessly cruel.
    I'm really glad you have a blog that I can now follow and see how Pepper is doing.
    Furbabies make the world go round.

  2. So sorry you had that awful customer, it just makes you wonder what on earth the matter is with people that they can't be understanding of other people's lives and issues! You're a human being, not a machine.

    I would have had exactly the same response as you!!

    Linden x